I’ve heard a theory that artificial sweetener messes with our bodies in a psychological way. Since our bodies associate sweeter food with higher calories, we’re tricking our bodies when we drink low-calorie sweeteners that don’t provide the same high calories. Our bodies start to associate sweetness with normal food, which may explain why low-cal has not eliminated our cravings.

I love sugar! I have a pretty bad addiction to aspartame. I can taste it, even. I guzzle down Diet Cokes and chew certain types of gum for this reason. I avoid it the best I can, but it’s absolutely strange I am drawn to it this way.

Despite my above mentioned problem, I detest super sweet foods. I actually like pastries on the more buttery-half sweet end. I grew up with Splenda in my house, because my dad is diabetic. Actually, seeing him lose and maintain his weight with Splenda opens this other side for me. I don’t actually detest artificial sweeteners, though I’d go for the real sugar first if I had a choice. What’s your take on sugar?


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