SunshineBubbleTeaI recently moved near the Collingwood area. I recall going to Sunflower Bubble Tea either early on in my college years or late high school years. I remember we’d get some pretty awesome bubble tea. Uh, this place has changed. The bubble tea is still delicious. But the service is pretty questionable.

We sat down, excited to chow down on Chinese food after shopping for house supplies. A woman came over and handed us two menus. We decided, and chatted steadily for a while. Twenty five minutes passed and we kept glancing over. The server (a man/woman) seemed to be talking to one table, constantly. Our theory is that these were probably friends. We decided just to take out instead at this point. My partner went up and asked for to go. The woman stared at him blankly, said yes and disappeared for about ten minutes before she came back to take our order.

We ordered ten dumplings and some black pepper beef fried rice. We also got a maccha milk shake, which was still pretty amazingly good. We went back home and opened our food. 8 dumplings, but heaping amounts of rice. The dumplings seemed to be wontons, too… Me and my partner just stared at each other and shrugged. We were hungry, so we ate. It was alright. We paired this salty meal with some Whistler beer. But we’ll probably never go back to Sunflower.



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