teajaI visited Teaja last week. It’s about 5-6 minutes away from work, nestled in Yaletown. I am sad I have never come before here. Their tea is amazing! I had a sample of their Earl Grey tea and will have to come back for a bag. I purchased Chocolate Break tea from them, which is lightly sweet, floral and velvety once you add milk.

This is also a little late as it’s Wednesday, but I’ve had a cold for a bit. I can’t speak for my life for a video! I feel bad because Teaja would have be so video-worthy. Their tea selection is delicious and have a nice interior. I love the doilies surrounding their sign in the window.

I had the Chocolate Break from Teaja in copious amounts during my cold. I really want to try their Vitality tea (A maté, oolong, black and fruit blend from Argentina, China, India) and their Simple Green. I’ll have to come back when I’m well.