Just a disclaimer: I love places like Bons Off Broadway and Sunny Spot Cafe. I’m sure if I took any fellow foodies to Bons, they’d die of all the health code violations and the lack of service. Imagine going to this place with a bunch of art students, with not much money besides what’s for tuition, art supplies and rent. You’re not going to be picky when you can get a meal in and around for $5.


What I love about places like Bino’s, Bons and Sunny Spot is they really don’t pretend to be anything else. I’ve sat in Yaletown, paying for a $40 dinner, where the service is equal to one of these shitty dives only that I had to pay more.


Bino’s Restaurant is exactly that. The service wasn’t too bad today. The food wasn’t avant garde or gourmet, but I walked home a full penguin. I noticed a lot of locals sitting in here, chatting with the servers. A fat, old jolly man said hello to Josh and asked him if we just moved in. He noticed us at Bamboo Cafe earlier. He went on to tell Josh that his mother is up in a home down the street, so he comes to eat at Bino’s every day.


I had an all-day breakfast for $5.50. According to this beard man, it used to be $4.50. It’s all I need for breakfast, post-Friday night. It was good! If I wanted something else, I’d probably have to bus out. Too lazy and hung over. Bino’s greasiness is gold.  IMG_8073

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