This past weekend, I was invited by Earls North Van (Tin Palace) to try their brunch menu. They have been offering brunch for a couple months now, but wanted to spread the word that they are indeed serving brunch every weekend until 2pm.

earls north vancouverA little bit of trivia for you- Earls Tin Palace is the first and original Earls. They have done a bit of renovating but still has the essential Earls design (dark wood and mirrored ceilings).

earls north vancouverMy brunch buddy today was Benson, who had a crash course in how blogger meals went down (hint: we eat a lot).

earls north vancouver

We started off with some drinks, their Signature Caesar and a Mimosa.

earls north vancouver

Their Caesar came highly recommended by Tila and I would have to agree this is probably the best place I’ve had a caesar. Mind you, I’m not a big caesar fan as I find the taste a little too bitter for my liking, but the caesar here is not too peppery and actually had a great combination of flavours.

earls north vancouver Our first course is the Granola and Yogurt Parfait- on the menu it
describes it as housemade flax, rolled oats, dried cranberries,
sultanas, toasted almonds and pecans.

earls north vancouverOur greek yogurt came with their housemade flax and rolled oats but
had fresh blueberries on the top. I’m kind of glad because I’ve never
really been a fan of sultanas. They also serve a side of agave syrup
to sweeten the yogurt to your liking. A nice touch. I would definitely
recommend adding even just a bit.

earls north vancouverUp next was the Eggs Benny. It’s made with Virginia Ham, hollandaise
and on grilled sourdough. I’ve forgotten whether the sourdough is made
in house (I think they are) but this is great sourdough. Eggs Benny
are fairly simple creatures to master and these ones at Earls are

earls north vancouverOur next course is the Chorizo and Mushroom Hash. Made with poached
eggs, crispy fried potatoes, avocado, field mushrooms and topped with
hollandaise. I’m not sure if it was because I was eating with five
hungry people and they mightve taken them all, but I felt like the
dish needed more chorizo. The mushrooms are perfect and so cute. Also
their fried potatoes are enjoyable since they are really crispy.

earls north vancouver
Our last course is my favourite out of all of them, the Eggs
Florentine. I would normally never order this dish during brunch, but
I will definitely order this one when I’m at Earls for brunch. The
Eggs Florentine are made with spinach, mushrooms, parmesan cream
sauce, polenta with poached eggs on the top and a sprinkle of
earls north vancouver

The flavour profile of the Eggs Florentine was the strongest of all
dishes, and it was quite enjoyable to hash together and serve on top
of my grilled sourdough. It might be a little liquidy to some people
(as Benson mentioned later to me) but I kind of like it being this
way. The dish came together quite nicely to me.

You can check out the Earls North Van’s Brunch menu here. They are open on
weekends for brunch from 11-2pm.

Please note that I was invited by Earls to try their brunch menu and
my meal was comp’d. I was not expected nor paid to write this review
and all opinions are my own.

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