We went to Cray Kitchen and Bar. I was drawn in by the prospect of eating crawfish because I’ve never had it before. Though, I ended up trying more basic meals instead as I had to go meet friends. We had deep fried oysters, fish and chips and clam chowder.


The fries were really good! I found the fried oysters a little too chewy, and I couldn’t eat them all.


Their fish and chips were the best out of our meal. The fish was light, moist and flaky and the batter was crisp and not too salty. The tartar sauce was the right amount of bite and this was hard to share with my comrade.IMG_8058

The clam chowder was tasty. It wasn’t too creamy, it had a lot of potato in it. I’m on the hunt for the best clam chowder. This wouldn’t be the top, but still is very good and I would come back for it, especially with the cold weather these days.

I would give Cray Kitchen and Bar 3.5/5 for their appetizers/light meals. They may rank higher if I go back for crawfish for real! It looked so tasty – people had buckets and bibs!