I know I’m probably the last person on earth that knows this, but Marutama Ramen now serves deep fried garlic chips with their ramen. I literally throw the whole bowl in and while it makes me fairly unpopular with the living, it wards off the vampires! 😉


Marutama is still one of my favourite ramen joints in the city, nothing beats their chicken broth which is creamy but healthier than most ramen soup places in that respect. I always go for their number one – Tamago Ramen. Their eggs are simply delicious and this is coming from someone who hates boiled eggs – there is barely any ‘boiled egg’ flavour. That and the mix of seaweed just makes this bowl of soup divine.


You also get to pick the doneness of your noodles, I always like going with al-dente so it gets softer over time when you’re eating it. Also, you can get it spicy or not spicy – I love it spicy (and it’s not too overly spicy, if you were wondering. It’s still quite tolerable).


Food: mini5forks

Service: mini5forks

Value: mini4forks


OVERALL: 4andahalfforks

Check out their menu and website here.