Richard Wolak, better known as Vancouver Foodster is hosting another Tasting Plates event with focus on the Kensington-Cedar Cottage area this week.


On Wednesday, March 12 from 6-9:30pm, you can restaurant hop and experience several places that this area has to offer!

Some of the participating restaurants include Graze, Pizza Carano, Killimanjaro Snack House, Sal y Limon, Marienda Bakeshop and Earnest Ice Cream.

Seeing that I’ve only really been to one of the many on this list (Sal Y Limon), I am super excited to be checking out the rest of them and what they have to offer!

Tickets are $40 for the entire evening. You can buy tickets online here.

For more details on the Fraser edition of Tasting Plates, be sure to check out the site here.

There are several other events Richard is holding including:

  • Vancouver Foodster Culinary Scavenger Hunt – April 6 at 2pm
  • Mac and Cheese Challenge – March 20- April 10
  • Tasting Plates Vancouver, Gastown Edition – April 23 @ 6pm

Be sure to check out his website for more details at