Scavenger hunts were one of my favourite past times as a kid, and to partner it up with food makes this hunt even better! It’s very similar to Tasting Plates but instead of just a map of where to go, you’re given clues as well. This makes it a much more exciting and fun experience!

Most places on the Scavenger Hunt are within walking distance, but thankfully downtown’s transit grid makes it easy enough to hop onto a bus or skytrain to get to your next location.

On April 6th, the event runs from 2pm-6pm. Your first stop is at XOXOLAT in Yaletown to pick up your map and clues.

Tickets go for $40/person, $120/4 pack or $162/6 pack of tickets. After April 4th, the price goes up to $50.

For more details check out the website here. Or go directly to the Event Brite page for tickets!