I love living near Joyce Station. There’s a lot of culture on Kingsway and the Joyce area. We discovered a Mexican food mart, and frequent Filipino grocery stores to pick up our food. Bubble tea, waffles and donairs galore. We’ve gone on a bit of a food journey for the past months.

Los Guerreros Mexican Food Products



This shop is amazing. I love buying tortillas here and refried beans. I feel like an outsider to the culture because all I do is come here and get ingredients for tacos. They have an amazing bakery too. One day, there was just loaves and loaves of (I think was) bread in the back and the whole store smelled nice. There’s a whole wall of spices I need to learn to cook with. Best of all is I like staring at the pinatas at the top. There are some interesting finds, like chicken flavoured chips and different types of rice mixes. I recommend this place if you want authentic ingredients for a Mexican dish.

Milk and Sugar


If you’ve been a follower of my TEA TUESDAY series, you’ll see me and Josh have been here lots for Bubble Tea. We’ve just discovered how scrumptious their waffles are. (Though, I’m biased because I’ve never met a waffle I didn’t like.) These waffles are $4, $4.50 if you want ice cream too.2



There are a ton of little Filipino produce. As this name implies, it’s my favorite place to go pick up cuts of meat when I’m too lazy to go up to Kingsway. They have a wide variety of meat cuts, but they sell out quickly and sometimes I am disappointed to find nothing at the end of the day. It is worth it when you can pick up stuff, though.


This is an interesting, smaller place, closer to where I live. I’ve always come in and there’s some business going on at the desk – like family stuff or something. I like the assortment of canned goods and beverages, but don’t feel entirely comfortable coming here all the time.

5 We come here a lot. This place has a good assortment of everything and it’s right next to the station. I’ve gotten my produce here to make tortilla soup and several types of salads. I’ll come here to pick up bread, like coconut buns or plain bread for the weeks. I’ll come here to pick up coconut water or cookies for Josh. They seem to have everything we need, except spices, which maybe I’ve just missed in the closely knit aisles.

Donair Land


It looks like a total dive outside, but it’s actually really nice inside to sit. There’s a lot of kitchy art and the food is pretty decent. I’d come in here when I’m too lazy to cook. I love the lamb donair.