IMG_8423I attended GDC while I was in San Fransisco. A friend and I ate lunch outside in the park, outside of La Boulange for the “Un-Conference” for GDC. It was really fun. The food was super good and I stocked up on some free olives they offered at their condiments. I’d been having pretty processed foods, so it was nice to have quiona salad, and an open faced chicken sandwich slathered in mushrooms. It was really quite busy in La Boulange, but the service was fast and they were friendly. It is still pricey, but I started to just used to the price point near Moscone Center. For what it was, it was worth it.



By the way, the Unconference is free to attend. It works to give game knowledge to everyone, not just people willing to pay the $1k ticket price for Moscone Centre.




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