Just up the block of Fraser and Kingsway is a small cafe called MP Social House. They make a lovely cup of coffee and offer milk alternatives like almond milk.


The small space is cute, clean and filled with cups of blank paper and pens – just in case creativity strikes. The barista that is always there is so very nice compared to other coffee shops in the vicinity.


They also have the most delicious date bar I’ve ever had. I used to work at Starbucks back in the day and date bars were my favourite things, but I noticed they discontinued them recently. In any case – the date bar here is leagues better than Starbucks – as the granola is nice and buttery and the date filling is generous.


Food/Drink: mini4forks
Service: mini4andahalfforks
Value: mini3andahalfforks
Ambiance: mini3andahalfforks
OVERALL: 4forks

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