O5 Tea Bar had another wonderful event, Raw Elements: Sake Tasting. They served and presented YK3 Sake, such as the Yu Junmai, Ju Jumai All Koji and the Yu Junmai Nigori. We also had wonderful food made by our favorite O5 person, Noriko. She makes the most delicious home cooked food ever. We had all this while O5 served us more of their rare tea.IMG_8505

My favorite sake has got to be Yu Junmai Nigori. It was very silky smooth, and slightly sweet. It isn’t clear, but looks quite milky. I will have to pick one of these bottles up. They aren’t too expensive. ($12.90) They have them at Cambie and 8th, Cambie and 39th and a handful of other liquor stores. I liked the Yu Junmai All Koji, because it was brisk, light and flavorful. The first one was still very good, the Junmai. It is for those who like their sake simple.IMG_8513

Man, Noriko makes such good food. My boyfriend is always so happy when I bring him to O5 and she cooks.
IMG_8525 IMG_8526

Thanks so much again to O5 for letting me attend such a wonderful and educational event! Their events are always informative and worth the trip if you love tea! We had Kukicha Tea and Gyokuro. I loved the Gyokuro especially. They served it over ice. It was full of chlorophyll, so it was almost savoury in its flavour but refreshing. It was light, not too full bodied, but definitely full flavoured with a balanced bitterness and sweetness to it.

I was debating whether to get this or matcha, as I wanted to pick up some tea during this visit. In the end, we purchased matcha but we promised to get Gyokuro for the warmer spring months and have it over ice as well.