It seems I always pass this place and wonder what the sushi is like in a heritage building. Well thankfully, our friends curiousity brought us to take a chance one fine evening. I have to say that group eating is best when you want to try out so many different dishes on the menu – which we did.

We started off with some appetizers:

oyama sushi

First off, the Tako Wasabi ($4.10). Here it was fairly standard, but I felt like it needed a bit more of a wasabi kick. Good portion size though.

oyama sushi

Next, Kaki Fry ($5.50). These are deep fried breaded oysters. Here they are crispy, it felt like it was missing something – maybe a mayo sauce?

oyama sushi

Our third appetizer is the Chicken Karaage ($4.50). Again, nice, crispy and hot, not bad but didn’t really have anything outstanding about it.

We then ordered a couple plates of sashimi – salmon and toro.

oyama sushi

The Salmon Sashimi ($9.95) is fairly comparable to Sushi Garden quality, nice thick and well marbled fish.

oyama sushi

Our Toro Sashimi ($11.50) is good, a little more fishy in taste than what I’m used to but fine nonetheless.

oyama sushi

What really intrigued me on this menu was their Sushi Pizza. Their Sushi Pizza ($10.40) is deep fried rice with chopped spicy tuna and salmon with cucumber, avocado, masago on top drizzled in mayo. I love the thought of fusion and anything deep fried is amazing in my books. The proportion of toppings to the rice was perfect – as it sat there, the rice did not get soggy from them.

Finally, we finished off with a couple of rolls.

oyama sushi

Our first, the Awesome Roll ($7.99). This roll had crab, cucumber, cooked salmon, masago, bonito, avocado and again, drizzled in mayo. I see a trend here at this place!


Next, the Las Vegas Roll ($9.40). It’s deep fried with 5 different kinds of sauce, cream cheese, spicy salmon, crab, cucumber, masago, bonito, mayo. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t memorable either.

oyama sushi

Our next roll is the Black Dragon ($11.50). A mix of crab, avocado, cucumber, eel, masago, tobiko, bonito and you guessed it – mayo! Of all the dishes, I definitely liked the plating of this dish. I can’t say I’m a big fan of eel, so I didn’t enjoy this dish as much as my counterparts.

oyama sushi

Finally, we tried the Deep fried California roll ($4.60). It’s everything you’re looking for in a Cali roll but thrown into the deep fryer. I’ve never been a big fan of California rolls, but if all were created equally – they would have to be deep fried first.

Interesting place to eat in terms of location and the sushi is decent, I definitely appreciate the different kind of rolls offered.I wouldn’t mind coming back here, but we live so close to good sushi, it wouldn’t be my first choice unless friends would want to go with us.

Food: mini2andahalfforks

Service: mini3forks

Value: mini3forks

Ambiance: mini3forks

OVERALL: 3forks

Check out their website here.

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