IMG_8495I had just come out of the hospital, and had a new hotel to stay in by the airport. I was super hungry from the chain of events, and found myself at El Torito. You know how I was wanting some super Mexican food at Mijita? El Torito hit the spot.

I had Grilled Steak Fajitas. The fajitas were thick, crumbly doughy goodness with the right hints of cheese. The sauce was hard for me to leave on the plate, so I drenched the fajitas with it. The cornbread was soft and mushy but it was good because everything else was filling me up, so it was good the cornbread could go down easy. The vegetables had a tangy, sweet zest to it but it wasn’t too overwhelming in its flavours, so it paired as a fleetingly palate-cleansing element to this dish. Wonderful!

I had been in the hospital because I got a terrible insect bite up my arm and a red streak went up it. While I was in the hospital, everyone was really fantastic but I was pretty much sensory deprived. El Torito was like, gold, man.


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