Holy crap San Fran, why is your pho SO expensive? I would pay around $14-16 for PHO. You know how much we pay in Vancouver? $6-8, or at the most, $12 if you are some organic, new age type pho.

Regardless of where I went, the price and quality was the same. Freshroll depicted above was good, it came with taro chips which was interesting but the soup broth was generic and uninteresting. I went to Green Papaya, because it seemed less of a chain, but also was disappointed. I got a beef bowl pho which listed: beef, flank and meatballs… but some how they added $1 per meatball in my bowl, or so listed on my bill.

Such a @#$-ing ripoff, especially if you come from Vancouver.

Do not EAT PHO in San Fransisco, they will rob you. It’s not even that good.

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