IMG_8169 IMG_8172So, I was staying at the Winsor Hotel, which really is a hostel. It’s on Market and 6th, in a preeetty sketchy area. Imagine East Hastings. BUT, if you walk further down Market, it gets better. In hopes to get away from the unpleasant atmosphere of the hostel, I went to go get breakfast. I found myself at Super Duper near Powell Station. I didn’t have a lot of money at me at first, so I got a bacon donut and coffee. The donut wasn’t too sweet and I enjoyed the hearty bits of bacon. I eyed their menu for burgers and decided to come back later.

IMG_3941 IMG_3942

So worth it. I admit it’s a bit pricey, but it is delicious. If you want an all American burger, you can rely on Super Duper to deliver. It isn’t mind blowingly good, like the best of, but it is definitely hearty for a traveller going through hiking walks around the city… aka me.

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