Liane and I had dinner recently to catch up and discuss business. More so to catch up. She gave me a couple choices since I was venturing into Richmond – which is her forte but not so much mine. She mentioned a place that had a dish called Dead Man’s Coffin which was basically “chowder in a deep fried bread bowl”. Of COURSE I was sold.


When we arrived we were fairly early and it was a weekday, so it wasn’t busy at all. We started off with my favourite popcorn chicken or “crispy salty peppery chicken”. Served with fried basil, this was a good portion and very meaty. A lot of places will give you very little in terms of meat but more batter. I especially enjoyed it because I had tried to make it recently and failed – badly.


We ordered the Dried Pork Egg roll served with mayo. It was quite heavy, but not greasy. The dried pork wasn’t too overbearing but this dish was very filling.


Finally Dead Man’s Coffin. Did we even need to order anything else? This was fantastic. The deep fried bread bowl was crispy but the magical part was it stayed crispy on the outside but as it sat with the creamy soup in the middle, the middle held together quite well without being too hard.



The soup is typical to any other cafe you might’ve been to and had some vegetables and seafood. I was more intrigued with the deep fried bread, but sadly, Liane and I could not finish it.

I’d definitely come back here again – they have me sold on their deep fried bread and popcorn chicken making skills. The cafe is fairly small, so if you decide to show up on the weekend, you’ll probably be waiting a bit.

Food: mini4forks

Service: mini3andahalfforks

Value: mini4forks

Ambiance: mini3forks

OVERALL: 4forks

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