When we first moved to the Joyce-Collingwood Area, we noticed Thai Escape on the corner of a residential street. We were curious because we both love Thai food and dives can often be the best places. Our intuition was correct: it’s like home-cooked Thai food. The food was hearty and the portions generous. The service was quick and friendly as well.IMG_20140323_180009

Random note: I got a new Google Nexus 5, so I’m experimenting with it’s camera more often.  IMG_20140323_180015

Josh got the Red Curry with Chicken and I got the Massaman Curry with Beef. I’ve had red curry before, but never the Massaman. I ended up loving the Massaman way more, the thick peanuty cut through by sweeter spices in the mixes. It was very delicious. The Red Curry was also very good, but I ended up not leeching too much off Josh and sticking with mine. The spring rolls were crunchy and not too greasy. They weren’t too memorable, only because my dad can make killer ones at home, but for the price and value of it, they were pretty good.


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