No Richmond visit with Liane is complete without dessert. Liane and I have come here before, but this time we were on a special mission – to experience their baked sago pudding.

This ‘place’ I speak of is called Yavis Club Cheesecake …which makes me think of my childhood and Mavis Beacon typing…I don’t know why, but we’ll just go with that. I tend to be random linking things together, and this is one of those times where it doesn’t make a lot of sense (I’m assuming it’s because Yavis and Mavis look about the same).


They have combos so if you order dessert, you can add a drink on for $2+ (depending on the complexity of your drink).


Liane ordered the Chocolate Cheesecake, because you can never go wrong with creamy, delicious chocolate cheesecake. What I love about Yavis is that none of their desserts are overly sweet – which is common in Chinese desserts.


I ordered the Rainbow After Dark which is a ‘glacier’ style cheesecake. Glacier style simply means the consistency is similar to ice cream and is their own creation, inspired by it’s makers trials and tribulations.


Finally, the Sago Pudding. My favourite thing in life. Well okay, maybe not – but it’s one of my favourite desserts and I pray for it to be the last dish at every set menu dinner I go to at a Chinese restaurant. From it’s buttery crust to it’s textured sago in pudding with a hint of red bean – there is just nothing wrong with this dish anywhere I’ve gone.

Whether I’d come here or not again, is anyone’s guess really. Yes, the Sago pudding was delicious but, like I mentioned, it can never do any wrong at any place I’ve had it. The cheesecakes are nice and the layered rainbow cheesecake I had was interesting. Five different flavours that I had to take a couple bites to really fully appreciate each flavour. I was captivated by the flavours that worked really well with one another, none overpowering any of the others.

Food: mini3forks

Service: mini3andahalfforks

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OVERALL: 3forks

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