I lived on Commercial Drive before Famoso opened up. I am a visitor to the dives on the street, that and Lombardos, Marcellos, Sunrise etc and love the pizza culture that already exists there. I was a bit hesitant about Famoso, but when I tried it Edmonton it was fantastic.


They had a pitcher of sangria. Josh never had it before, so I’m super happy their sangria turned out really well because he really liked it!


We got the antipasto platter. This was probably the most memorable part of the meal. I love the olives and the cheese on this platter. The flatbread almost made me want to order their plate of straight up flatbread too. Just the perfect amount of everything on this bread.IMG_9465-2

The pizza itself was fantastic. Not too thin that we were still sort of hungry afterwards, but still true to the flavours of authentic Italian pizza, we were super satisfied. One thing I enjoyed the most was their gelato in Edmonton. They’re pretty unique. Josh got the blood orange creamsicle and I got the salted caramel dark chocolate. It was a sunny day when we went, so it was a super perfect day to stop in Famoso.

Out of all the pizza places I’ve frequented, but unfortunately have not reviewed for this site yet… comparing it all against Famoso, I’d give Famoso a 3.5/5. It’s a tough choice between that and a 4. I want to support local businesses, and have had more authentic experiences, especially Commercial Drive is little Italy. I cannot deny what a nice experience I had at Famoso, though. I would come back again.