Oh jeez. This place is so good. It’s probably my favorite find on Main Street, despite it’s pricey bagel. Actually. Don’t care. It is really, really good. I just got the Rosemary Rocksalt bagel with cream cheese and it blew my mind. I cannot wait for the day I come back to get a real sandwich here. I hope these guys don’t get overshadowed by the Tim Hortons and the much cheaper price tag on the bagel there.




The staff were really friendly as we sat in. I really haven’t been to a bagel place that has blown my mind in the Vancouver area. And comparatively, Solly’s is just as expensive. This really is going on my list of favorites. Salty, with a herby bite from the Rosemary, its just the sort of savoury pick me up in the afternoon or in the morning. Wonderful.

I still have yet to try their other stuff, but from the tea/coffee/simple bagel experience 5/5. I don’t give those out often!

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