On the June 1st, I participated in Slutwalk and snapped photos. After the march, I went to go to Grain to have a drink. I have activist fatigue after dealing with social issues. I’m starting to understand why drinks are called ‘spirits’… or is this a red flag into alcoholism? I don’t know, but Grain is mighty delicious.


I had a Caesar, which had pickled asparagus on it! I’ve never had pickled asparagus ever. Josh told me he used to eat jars and jars back down in the states. Did you know the tomato juice in Caesars are supposed to rehydrate you? It’s why I chose this drink on a hot day, though coupled with the hot sauce it comes with a wicked bite. It was very good.grainIMG_9680

Josh got this girly drink! If I remember correctly, it has strawberries, absolut raspberri vodka, taboo absinthe, cranberry juice and fresh strawberries. They did have big fat, fresh strawberries on the bar counter. Watching the bar tender cut into the juicy, vividly red strawberries is what attracted both me and Josh to the drink.

The service here was really good and our bartender was friendly! He went over all the drinks with us, and we watched others load in for a mid-day drink. Definitely a nice central spot to hang out.

I supported Slutwalk in the past and found one girl who had a wonderful message to spread, seen here. I found her again this year, as depicted here. But.. In light of the shootings by Elliot Rodger’s hand, the dizzying scariness of the support behind his rejection-indignation, Constable Michael Sanguinetti’s “don’t dress like sluts” statement seems PG to me. Slutwalk’s number has been dwindling since it first began in 2011. I think I might be part of the sentiment that’s moving on but knows the heart of Slutwalk has a powerful message still. I might not walk again next year, but hell, some idiot may do something again, for powers to combine and march. Pretty jaded. Sigh. Bottoms up!