The Food Cart Festival is back! I was super nostalgic in returning. Last summer I went every week with friends, people I haven’t caught up with and new acquaintances. Though, it was a bit of a wallet shock to come from the Richmond Night Market (average price $6 per meal) to remembering how much the average at the Food Cart Festival was (average $10-$12 per meal) The nice part though is the location. Conveniently accessed by the Canada Line or the Old Skytrain, we also had a nice view along the seawall and all the dragon boaters who competed last Sunday.

We started out with Stumptown, which has a pop up shop in Main. I went to go review it with my sister in the past. I absolutely love their cold brew coffee ($4). I always want an alternative to Starbucks, and now the ever popular Parallel 49. I have been drinking Saltspring and Matchstick, while trying other brands. Stumptown has been a good switch.


We had VIJs, which, as you can tell I started to eat before I took a picture. Me and Josh shared. Butter chicken schnitzel is $12 and it is very good. Just the right amount of spicy, and the crispy chicken instead of the usual soft kind is a nice mix.IMG_9732

Our second round was the Burger Joint. I hadn’t seen them before, so I decided to try their cheap burgers ($6 per burger, $10 per combo, $4 for drinks).

Someone took my drinks! So they kindly made it again. I had limonata on the right, and Josh had watermelon juice on the left. Super fresh, non-sweet and ultra tasty! I dont use ultra that often!

Here’s their cheeseburger. (You have to add $1 for cheese.) Pretty basic, simple and good burger. It’s on the cheaper range of food at the fest, so it’s good. If I paid $12, I might be angry because of its simplicity. Hangry! Hungry and angry!IMG_9738

I loved their potato salad. It’s cold, and well seasoned. A better idea for a hot day than some warm fries.

I noticed someone I know from high school jamming at the festival!

We were only rich enough for two rounds this time. Our friends came after us to the fest – I’m glad they’ve started to come. The hobos we were, we found abandoned buildings near Olympic Village after spending all our money eating.