We were invited to Joe Fortes Tweet Up Party! DIY Caesars, an open bar, delicious food, all you can eat oysters, fried chicken on waffles, sliders, sablefish, and more? Yeess! I love being a foodie. I brought along Josh, and so check out our commentary as a two voiced post!

Josh: The Joe Fortes oyster bar at this event was the one think I had been day-dreaming of for weeks prior, and it didn’t disappoint. IMG_0016

Josh: The shucker at the table could barely keep up with the demand for the fresh, chilled oyster treats, and the table offered the three distinct Joe Fortes sauces and an ample plate of fresh ground horse radish.IMG_0017

Josh:  Being a absolute fan of the vinaigrette sauce, I bathed my shells in the zesty flavors and downed the plate before I knew what was what. IMG_0018

Josh: The hardest part of the evening was learning to be patient and share the oyster bar with the other guests, because almost the entire event, the shuckers platter was empty as he heroically worked to keep up with the demand of these Joe Fortes specialties.IMG_0022 IMG_0025 IMG_0037

Josh: The build-your-own-Caesar was an exciting table at the event, with several stages of customization ready for guests to dig into, starting with three salts to choose for your rim (I went with maple bacon!), two pitchers of clamato to fill the glass with (I went with the house mix), and a few spicy sauces to bring the Caesar home (Again, went with the house-made hot sauce).


Josh: At the end of the line were 6 ingredients to choose to top the drink off, and of course, a glass of crispy and cold celery for the tale-tell garnish. I thoroughly enjoyed the process of making and drinking my very own hand-made Caesar and this was possibly the most popular table at the event!


Nathalie: The food they offered was delicious as always. One of my favorite was the chicken and waffles. The chicken wasn’t too greasy, and the dough was fluffy and light, so this piece wasn’t too filling, surprisingly. Which paved way to more food!IMG_0048

Nathalie: My favorite were the fish and chips. I don’t know what it was about the batter, but it was the right amounts of sweet and salty. The tartar sauce added a zesty tang to it as well.

Nathalie: I think I took a couple of these shrimp and put it into my Caesar. They were so juicy and big, and light and fresh tasting.

Nathalie: I noticed dessert came out, but I honestly no clue what these were. Josh and I speculated it could have been a milkshake. We took a drink and it was very creamy, but we weren’t able to identify this dish. The lemon tart was not too overpowering, flaky and moist. The butter of the tart mixed well with the filling which would bite into your tastebuds. IMG_0067

Nathalie: I seriously wonder what the cream dessert was…IMG_0068

Nathalie: I had trouble getting the sablefish and the burger slider. They were so popular! People kept eating them. I finally got the fish and it was one of my favorites. It fell apart in your mouth, moist and tangy. So good!

Nathalie:  To be honest, the burger slider was the less spectacular of all items but it was still a nice bready item to soak up all the alcohol I was consuming at Joe Fortes’ open bar. Yup, that’s right. Open bar! Their White Wine sangria is the best thing I’ve ever had. It has peach and probably ginger ale mixed in there somewhere, just a fruity explosion of summer fruits. So good!

Nathalie: I also tried their red wine sangria…Equally amazing!IMG_0089

Nathalie: This guy was our hero. I do not know his name, but he is an awesome bartender, who was friendly and was able to suggest drinks and quickly make them for us.IMG_0092

Nathalie: Josh caught me eating! You know why?


Nathalie: …I just hit up this amazing SEA FOOD TOWER! Oh man. Crabs! The crab and the mussels were very delicious, and this provided me an option to snag more oysters when I felt too self conscious to go back to the shucker.

Nathalie: These were coconut or chocolate ice cream cones. The presentation was wonderful, but the taste was subdued. I think there wasn’t enough ice cream for me to really tell how amazing this ice cream was, because all I remember was the delicious cone. I’ll have to come back and try their ice cream.IMG_0103

Nathalie: They were also playing Putt. People were playing for some Lobster Oil.

IMG_0104 IMG_0105 IMG_0107 IMG_0109


Nathalie: Do you know Diana Chan? She’s also a fellow foodie/blogger! She was a whole lot of fun!IMG_0118

They gave us planter pots and seeds, plus a $25 gift certificate to Joe Fortes each! This gift was perfect.IMG_0126Nathalie: For those who follow me personally, I’ve been building a garden, so it is the latest addition to our patio garden. Woohoo!


Thank you so much Joe Fortes, it’s always an awesome party.