There’s a new ramen joint – and surprisingly, it’s not in the downtown core. It’s hard to find a good bowl of ramen elsewhere, so partly out of curiosity (and from a recommendation from one of the diners with me) we went to try it out before heading to see the latest X-Men movie.


At Ramengers, located between the very busy Pearl Castle and Max’s Chicken they have 5 different types of ramen to choose from, udon and rice dishes. The ramen dishes range from $8.75 – $9.50. I’m a sucker for Miso Ramen, so I went with the Miso Tonkatsu ($8.95). Each ramen bowl comes with bamboo, egg, green onions, cha siu, corn, mushroom and bean sprouts but you can add some more on for a little extra. They pride themselves in making their own noodles with no preservatives and food colour in their dishes.


You can also add a cute little onigiri on the side, which I obviously had to (it was an extra $2.25).


We started off with some pickled radish, which is a nice addition.



Our bowls came shortly thereafter. The cha siu was nicely grilled and had a slightly smoky flavour to it that was nice. The noodles were nicely and slightly undercooked which was perfect because I usually eat the noodles last, so it gave it some time to cook without becoming mushy. The egg served with the ramen was slightly overcooked (as you can see in the pic) – it’s really hard for me to enjoy egg at any other ramen place than Marutama. It seems like a staple to only give half an egg at most ramen places, but I hope to see more ramen places give the entire egg.

While everything was good, I felt that the broth was too salty for my tastes. Yes, it is Miso so in theory it is more saltier than most broths, but in comparison to other places serving Miso, I found it to be more saltier. The broth was a good consistency and not watery but I’d prefer it to be a little less on the salty side. Also, it’s just an aesthetic to me personally, but I would’ve loved to see more of the great stuff they had hiding underneath the broth – the mushrooms, bamboo, etc. I always eat with my eyes first, not saying that this wasn’t aesthetically delicious looking – because it was, but I’d love to see more of the contents top side!


Up next was what I enjoyed the most, which is their Onigiri. They have two different types: cha siu and tuna. Our server recommended the tuna, so I went with that. It was a great recommendation and I really enjoyed it – if they weren’t closing up, I might’ve ordered one more. There is a lot of rice on this onigiri, more so than I’m used to but it helps to fill you up and I didn’t mind the ratio.

I feel like Ramengers, being newly opened have great potential to be a staple ramen stop in the Vancouver/Burnaby area, but they need to work on tweaking their broth. The service was great and it’d be nice to see them do well and take this and other reviews to heart and continue to work on making a great broth that I could come back for regularly.


Service: mini4forks

Value: mini3forks

Ambiance: mini3forks

OVERALL: 2andahalfforks

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