The Richmond Night Market is back in its glory! So much cheap, yummy street food vendors are back. I daresay I spend like 90% of my budget on food when I go to the night market. Depicted are skewers from Chef James. Juicy, well-seasoned, we went back for two rounds.

It was also Josh’s first time at the night market, and he really enjoyed all the food! I had to also explain the Magical Duck theme, but this year it seemed to be Candy Kingdom themed. Behind this display of sweets is a candy shop too.


Josh had some Bubble tea, at a kiosk I can’t remember. He wanted two rounds, but I ended up pulling him to a slushie stand which is near Chef James. They don’t sell Bubble Tea, it’s Slush with Calpis and other mixes. It’s fresh fruit. I got mango-pineapple, and then later strawberry and blueberry. I love it in comparison to powdered drinks! I also got a slavic roll, which, the secret to those slavic rolls is getting them without the jelly/filling. It’s like a churro, pretty much!


We also spotted some weird wares, and Michelle bought a new phone case. I noticed Koala cookie cases and other candy like cases for your phone. Buying a case for a Google Nexus 5 is difficult, though. Iphone has the boon on cool cases.


For street entertainment, this kid is competing in a yo-yo competition. He was pretty good!


An hour later when our friends joined us, the market was PACKED. Like, hard to move packed. I feel sorry for all the dogs packed. I went on to get Takoyaki, which to my delight also had scallop and prawn variants to the octopus. They were piping hot, Michelle ate them without much trouble. I also got these “fish cakes”, which were like pancakes with filling inside of them. My two vegetarian friends, Brad and Oriana, got ice bowls of fruit. Which is the equivalent to a mountain of mango, mochi and strawberry, but the deceitful part is there’s ice underneathe it all. Josh wanted a Tornado Potato, but the lineup was long all night. We’re set on coming back. The average price for food is $6.