saladworksMaybe a couple weeks ago, Saladworks invited me to their opening party. I unfortunately couldn’t stay too long as I had OT that night. They did give me a coupon to try a complimentary salad at their newly opened Yaletown location.

This place is popular. A good reason why too. There was a line – and there’s a line every day. We had the Napa Steak Salad. Grilled marinated N.Y. steak, B.C. premium lettuce blend, grapes, marinated tomatoes, red onions, sunflower seeds, balsamic dijon dressing – this was just a perfect mix of everything. It had the meaty part which made you full, to pair off the seeds and red onions. The balsamic and grapes helped clean your palate.

I would come back for sure. A little pricey but awesome as a healthy alternative. 4/5.