I had an amazing time learning about local businesses in Kelowna on a recent media trip with Tourism Kelowna and the Food Bloggers of Canada. There were certainly some places that stood out to me that I would definitely recommend visiting while you’re there.

salted brick kelowna

salted brick kelowna

One of these places would be Salted Brick. When you walk in, you feel at home – Vancouver home. You almost forget that there is a beautiful lake outside surrounded by mountains and wineries. I had to do a double take with it’s exposed brick walls and long layout, similar to many restaurants here in Vancouver. But that’s where my comparison ends.


Salted Brick is owned and operated by Chef Jason Leizert who is no stranger to the Vancouver scene: former Executive Chef at the delightful Boneta, Save On Meats and Corner Suite Bistro Deluxe then onwards to Chef at the Parker. But now Chef Leizert has packed up and moved to Kelowna to open up his own restaurant.


I can’t speak to dinner, as we were here for lunch – but if you’re looking for a damn good sandwich, you’ll have to visit Salted Brick. Unsure of what wizardry goes into his Slow Roasted Brisket Sandwich atop cheddar and spread with mustard but I have yet to taste anything that juicy, succulent and incredible anywhere else.




I’m fairly certain we ordered everything off the lunch menu and there were no weak links. The charcuterie and cheese were all lovely, but what also stood out to me was the blue cheese and dates. I think after my trip to Kelowna, I’ve grown a better appreciate to blue cheese, and this was the first experience (of many during the weekend) that made me think, “Huh, blue cheese isn’t that bad after all.”

For more information on Salted Brick, be sure to visit their website here.

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