[Edit] It’s been a week or so since I originally shot this video. I just wanted to add how much I actually love KissMeOrganics, because I have used it every day since. I know they sent us a sample and it seems biased, but it’s actually hard for me to find good matcha. I go to H-Mart and other Asian superstores, and I just don’t have the language to read the labels. They’re usually $8 a bag for something way smaller than KMO. All I know is I’ll probably buy another pack once we run out online! [End of edit]

Apologies to everyone – my computer has been having some issues. But I am back with Matcha and Chocolate Shortcakes! Follow the recipe below. My only modification was I added matcha to the whip cream (and you can also use vanilla bean ice cream for this). So delicious! I got this recipe from Windows 8.1’s Food and Drink app. It sources it from “Cooking Season by Season”. It’s such a handy little app when I’m about to jet out of work and I want to find out what to cook.



HEY YOU. I know you want to win a bag for yourself to try! Check out our contest below!  Update: We have chosen a winner, congratulations Kirsten!
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