I really wanted to go out to the Portside Pub out of all the events at Vancouver Craft Beer Week. Mark Brand is a big inspiration to me. Not only does he have an interesting life, the brands he’s started up in Vancouver have been fascinating to me. I used to frequent Save on Meats a lot, and enjoyed they offered a cheaper option for people to buy meals, while being a good sit in place to take your friends. I’ve enjoyed the art at Catalog as well. I just enjoy his work in general and could go on.


I like the interior of the Portside Pub. I imagined it would be like entering a ship, but I imagine a ship would be a little more enclosed… But if the pub was more enclosed, it wouldn’t be such a great social space no? I’m not sure if it’s entirely modelled as a ship, as I was debating this with Josh. The bar is definitely nautical themed. If you are a master ship cap’n, please feel free to correct me.IMG_20140605_201540

This was my favorite stand out of everything at this event. Mission Springs is fantastic. I mean, besides that, there was beer pong! I beat Josh, which was a surprise. I usually play drunk, so that may explain why I usually lose…and have won now.IMG_20140606_163045

Lemon Ginger Radler? Everything I love in a can. I love ginger beer in general. I also went to Germany a while back and enjoyed radler while I’m there. It means “bike man” and it’s beer mixed with lemonade (or other juices). From what I understand, Germans would go on a long bike ride and enjoy one of these after their ride. How bad ass is that.


Mystery can. I learnt a few things. One, that hops are the cousin of marijuana. And two, that because beer is made out of the hops, depicted above, does that mean beer is salad? Liquid salad? Yeess!IMG_20140606_163130

This is Trailblazer, an award winning one by them apparently! I still like the Radler better. But the Trailblazer is light, crisp and refreshing. It would be good for a summer, get pissed drinking lots kinda beer.IMG_20140606_163149

The pub also offered an assortment of funny assed merchandise. I wanted this the most.IMG_20140606_163223

I really liked this Sun Kissed beer… because it was infused with tea! Apple, mango, papaya notes mixed with Roiboos. It makes me wonder if I can start incorporating beer in my tea Tuesday series.

The other stand I can’t seem to remember. I think it was because there was a bit of a hustle there and the beer wasn’t fully explained to me. Oi. One day I will do it justice. One day.

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