In May, we went up to Whistler. We were sleepy from arriving the night before, so we made our way to the village by foot.IMG_9503

Everything is super close, so it was an awesome walk. The mountains were misty and much fresher than city life down here. IMG_9504

We weren’t big into having Starbucks, which presented itself as an early option. We found the Green Moustache. We were attracted to the back which sold whimsical crafts and handmade, organic items. We ordered our coffees and looked at the items in the back. I wanted a couple canvas bags but withheld. I wanted to shop for the last day of my trip. It took them a while to serve us our coffee, but the trade off is they make each cup fresh.IMG_9505

For being a bit slow, they made us this healthy coconut-chocolate rolled macaroon. Yum!

I’d give this place a 3.5/5! I wish we could try their smoothies and other organic things, but we were looking for a heavier breakfast after we had our coffees.
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