I don’t care if Bon’s is considered a dirty @!#ed dive, Bon’s will always have a greasy, tender spot in my heart. My bill, covered in grease, has never been more than $5 with tax tip, breakfast and coffee. Their breakfast is $2.99. I add coffee to this and bam, breakfast for $5. My friends came here a lot during college. I immediately liked this place. Honestly, paying $8 onwards for breakfast, say at a Denny’s, I just always want to be at Bon’s. Denny’s can suck depending where you go. When you have to pay rent, buy art supplies and pay tuition, you’re not gonna be damn picky of a place like this. I still can’t rate here because, I think this would drive most seasoned foodies away.

IMG_0270 IMG_0273

Sausage, egg, potatoes, over buttered toast and jam. Yes please.

Josh and I got pancakes, which were really fluffy and buttery. They are actually super delicious because they remind me of my home made ones. I don’t really like it when a pancake is kinda firm-skinned and super flat inside… I like it when it’s light, moist and fluffy. This was all of the above.IMG_0283

I can’t recommend using the washrooms, but everything in the restaurant is covered in graffiti. I love staring at what people wrote or defaced, it gives me a good giggle sometime.

(Disclaimer: I wish I was a dude so I could stand and pee in the washroom. Having to line the seat up as a chick while soaking up the cleaner smell here can be gross is all. I’m sure it’s fine if you’re not me.)

If you like really fine, gourmet food and a nice ambient setting with like, candle light, well dressed people and craft beer… get the #@!$ out of here. Otherwise, if you’re 1) hungry but don’t want to spend a lot or 2) hung over or 3) live in East Van or 4) all of the above, this is the place for you.