Located in the vibrant neighbourhood of Gastown, Burgundy is the product of best friends Erica Kosciuk and Lisa Skelton who have long wanted to open up their own restaurant. They’ve worked in the industry for a long time (including The Wallflower) before finally opening up Burgundy.

Burgundy Restaruant Facade

Decorated by Erika and Lisa themselves, the interior boasts an eclectic mix of design that fits perfectly with the Gastown vibe.

Burgundy Restaurant

Burgundy Restaurant

Burgundy Restaurant

Although surprisingly quaint, I love the intimate nature that the restaurant has. This would be a great spot for a date night or drinks with a few of your friends.

I was welcomed with their version of Gin n’ Juice

Burgundy Restaurant - Gin n' Juice

I don’t really drink gin so I didn’t know what to expect. It was sweet and flavourful, just how I like my drinks. It wasn’t strong at all which I appreciated so it scored high marks for me. I hope it’s not just a seasonal feature drink; I would definitely recommend it to everyone.

Shortly after being seated, we were served our share courses

Burgundy Restaurant - Tuna Niçoise

Burgundy Restaurant - Beef Tartar

Burgundy Restaurant - Crab Cakes

Burgundy Restaurant - Goat Cheese Fondue

Tuna Nicoise
I was never a fan of Tuna Nicoise because I’m not really keen on green beans in salads but I’m always up for trying someone else’s take on a classic recipe. Potatoes and green beans are an interesting combination in salads but it worked! There was a hint of something nutty in the dressing which I liked as well.

Beef Tartar
Another delicious dish! The hard crunch of the toast was a great compliment to the soft tartar. Unfortunately I couldn’t really taste the balsamic onions BUT I do love the colour combination of the avocado and the tartar.

Crab Cakes
This was an interesting one for me. I’m not sure how I feel about quinoa in crab cakes, but I don’t dislike it. It was just an interesting new twist, which I really appreciate. The aioli was definitely my favourite part of this dish – for me, it pulled everything together and made it complete.

Goat Cheese Fondue
I mean… it’s fondue. Who doesn’t like fondue!? I’ve never tried using goat cheese in fondue and I should because it’s actually really tasty. I thought the texture would be different but it was still very smooth and creamy. The only complaint I have is that I only had a small jar of it! Not sure if it was because it was an appetizer or because it’s a tasting menu (it was most likely because I just wanted more of the fondue…)

And then, the main courses were served

Burgundy Restaurant - Beef Bourguignon

Burgundy Restaurant - Coq au Vin Blanc

Burgundy Restaurant - Scallops & Crab

Burgundy Restaurant - Pork Tenderloin

Beef Bourguignon
I’d have to say this was probably my favourite out of all the dishes. The beef was so moist and the vegetables were cooked perfectly. I had the right amount of vegetables which was great because it didn’t overwhelm the star of the dish: the beef. The red wine jus was a great touch of flavour and kept the beef tender. It tasted very hearty and I am all about that!

Coq Au Vin Blanc
I guess I should’ve read the ‘Blanc’ part because when this was served to us, my eyebrows were raised (so were most of the people I was seated with), wondering why it’s not the dark red Coq Au Vin I’m used to. The chicken was tender but my favourite part of the dish were the vegetables. I thought they were really well seasoned and went well with each bite of the chicken.

Scallops and Crab
This was another favourite because even if it’s seafood, it was quite a hearty dish. Seared scallops, crab, and scalloped potatoes is probably my new favourite food combination. The tomatoes add a nice acidity to the dish and balances everything out.

Pork Tenderloin
Another stellar dish. The pork had the right amount of portions and the cherries added a nice tart to the dish. The vegetables were cooked just right and seasoned well.

It wouldn’t be a complete meal without dessert!

Burgundy Restaurant - Mionetto Prosecco and Orange Galliano Sorbet

Mionetto Prosecco and Orange Galliano Sorbet

Being a sweet tooth, this was a treat for me. Fruity sorbet flavours are great especially this time of the year. But what really took it to the next level was the Galliano; it added another layer of flavour which worked really well with the sorbet. This was nice and refreshing end to our meal.

After our meal, the owners had a few words for everyone

Do visit Burgundy when you’re around the area. I had a great time and I look forward to going there again!

Please note: Gastrofork was invited by Burgundy to this event and was not paid to write this review, all opinions are our own.