A new pho place opened up near where I work, which is near the stadium. (Beatty/Robson area) I have to usually walk out to get Pho at GT Express and Pho Saigon. Not anymore. This place – Delicious Pho – is pretty tasty. Kinda pricey for pho, but understandable for the block it’s on.IMG_0303

I’ve come here three times since its opening. It’s 15% off for their opening. The first two times were super good. I had their beef pho the first visit. It was a bit chewy but the broth was really flavorful. I had their lemon grass chicken with prawns rice platter the second time. I had their lemon grass chicken vermicelli bowl the third time. All were super good. Just on my last visit, the service was very slow. The first time we went, we went during dinner time, and the service was good. The second time was 11:45, which is right before the lunch rush. The third time, which was the slowest service, was around 12:15. I list these times for people who work in offices like me and try to schedule lunch within an hour time frame. Go here a bit early and you won’t go over the hour mark.

Is it delicious? Yes. It’ll be my place to go to for comfort food. 4/5

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