This is my new discovery and new favorite drink to mix together, especially on our rare almost-too-sunny days these summer months. Here is my quick and easy way to make a tall glass of refreshing matcha green tea lemonade from home:

First, start by fixing yourself a traditional mug of matcha green tea. I’ve taken a keen liking to KissMeOrganics powdered matcha. For quick reference, matcha is as easy as 1 teaspoon of powdered tea for every 6 ounces of hot water. Use water just under a boil for the full matcha flavor complex. Whisk thoroughly, and use the tea as soon as possible so the water and the tea don’t separate!

Next, prepare a large drinking glass by filling it with as much ice as you want. The more you use, the refreshingly colder your drink will be (but the less you’ll have!). Its a personal paradox you’ll need to solve with your own judgement, but for tips, I use a half-glass of ice like I’d use preparing any usual cocktail.

Pour your matcha tea over the ice, and fill your glass ⅓ full.

Next, fill the rest of the glass (the last 2/3rds) with the lemonade, stirring well.

Give the drink a minute to chill the tea and stir one last time before enjoying!


Also, enter our contest to win a bag of KissMeOrganics’ matcha below! Update: A winner has been chosen! Congratulations Kirsten!

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