This is a classic, walk-in pizza place. 2 slices and a pop for around $5. I’ve been told they used to be super cheap, like $1/slice. There is always a line-up, and with all the people passing through Joyce-Collingwood, the pizza rotation/freshness is guaranteed for peak hours. I usually get pepperoni, but when I feel sophisticated I get olive. It’s American-styled and loaded with cheese, so it’s pretty good comfort food.

It isn’t the best pizza I’ve ever had in the city. I wouldn’t want to sit inside because of the constant heat and the dirty tables. But on nights where I am too lazy to cook and I’m just arriving home from work, I either go to Bamboo Cafe, Super Great Pizza or the Donair Land next door. They are the trinity of unhealthy, delicious Joyce-Collingwood eating. Might I add, I see the same people around, so Super Great Pizza is also a Joyce-Collingwood slice of life. Yarhar. 3/5

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