I know I reviewed them in my Tea Tuesday series. But I love Milk and Sugar! Josh and I come here every week, and for a short stint we were here every day. Insert energy crashes and happy sugar dazes. We had to stoooppp. But we ventured in before a long day of grocery shopping.


It’s a small shop on Kingsway. It’s usually very crowded. But it’s worth the wait. They’re known for their cheesecake bubble tea, but I love their ice cream + fresh fruit. The fact they use fresh fruit is the best part too. I can’t go back to powdered bubble tea now.IMG_0510

This is their small size, they also offer a large size.IMG_0505 Their tip jar is this fancy princess.

Their breakfast is also insanely cheap. Josh and I come here for waffles.  They serve waffles ($4) and you can add fresh fruit and ice cream on it. Their breakfast is under $5. It seems like a family business, we see the same people working all the time. We are both happy to support this place. If you want fresh fruit bubble tea, this place is it.

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