N.S.C.S. Discovery Cafe is located near Jericho Beach and is attached to the nicest looking hostel I’ve seen in Vancouver. It’s a tuition free culinary school, so every time you eat here you help the students out. It’s a wonderful concept and the food was fantastic.


I had a bacon and cheddar cheeseburger. It was hearty and delicious, but not too greasy that I felt sick after. The salad’s dressing is similar – flavorful, but not drenched in its sauce, it was perfectly moist and I never felt like shoving soggy pieces or dry pieces to the side.IMG_0349

Josh got a Reuben sandwich, which I was totally jealous of. We were here to watch a play at the Jericho Arts Centre Theatre. His friend James was in the play, the Duchess of Malfi. I also bumped into an actor I worked with on Crazy8s, Adam, who is also in this play. It seems the actors hang out at this cafe and around the beach. It definitely feels like a community sitting in this cafe.

My rating of the play? Excellent acting and I’m always amazed how actors use the same space over to be in different parts of the play…  but damn did it suck being a girl many moons ago. Though, I’m sure the stigma of the play didn’t lie in the Duchess remarrying and thus being tortured after, but the struggle of the melancholy protagonist serving the State or Religion. (Methinks its why it was banned way back when, according to Josh, too.) If none of this made sense, go see the play – its real good!

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