One of the first restaurants we ate at was Napoleon House.  They have quite a history there, the original building was actually built for NAPOLEON himself, but he never actually lived there.  Since the house was made for Napoleon, the restaurant just kept the name!  However, this is not why we went to the restaurant.  We went because we heard they have the original Pimm’s Cup drink!


When asked where we wanted to sit, we definitely wanted to sit in the famous southern New Orleans courtyard!  As we walked through the restaurant though, the ambiance is casual, most furniture is wooden.  So it seemed like a family friend place, or a casual place to have lunch and dinner.  The courtyard itself wasn’t super big, but large enough to have large groups.  The great thing is that it’s half covered!  So it actually rained that morning and half the tables were wet, but the covered portion was nice and dry!

1234 napolean


Pimm’s Cup consists of British Gin, lemonade, lemon-lime soda and a cucumber for garnish.  It’s pretty strong stuff, so I personally didn’t order one, but my husband and his friend Jeff had one and they quite enjoyed it on the humid day!


We also wanted to try the most famous thing on the menu, which is the Italian Muffuletta and both my husband and my friend Laurie ordered it.  It has ham, genoa salami, pastrami, swiss cheese, provolone cheese, house made italian olive salad and a side of jambalaya. The portions were huge! They probably could’ve just shared it.  Kent found the sandwich a bit too salty, but the jambalaya was amazing.  Laurie loves salty food so she thought it was great!

Napolean House

Jeff had the Roast Beef po boy and I had the Duck po boy…and I FORGOT to take photos of it!  I’m sorry.  However, I will be happy to say that we both loved our po boys!  They were very moist and saucy.  It also came with fries.  For those of you who do not know what a po boy is, it’s bascially a sub, but instead of a regular bun, it’s on a french baguette.

You can find their full menu on the website: Napoleon House

I would give this place 4 forks 🙂

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