I stopped by Bel Cafe with Dee. We got to try their new frozen treats: ice cream and popsicles! We also had tea and macarons. Usually I do a full review within the video, but I wanted to give Kenzie and Sarah some time to speak. I’ll do my food review just below here. Dee took the photos and I took the videos!


The three flavours of ice cream we tried were Roasted Pistachio, Tahitian vanilla and Dark Chocolate Cherry. My favorite was the Dark Chocolate Cherry, because I am a big chocolate lover and I don’t like my ice cream very sweet. The cherry wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet, which allowed me to taste the flavor of cherry. I dislike the syrupy cherry flavour other vendors do. I really liked Roasted Pistachio, because it was hearty and nutty. The Tahitian vanilla was a wonderful ice cream, but I really want fruit in it somehow, like strawberries or blueberries.


The popsicles are made with fresh local fruit. The fruit is from Fraser Valley berry farmers and Okanagan orchards. I really enjoyed their tea popsicle, the Raspberry and Mountain Tea Palita. It was nice and sweet, but it had the tea to bite through it as an earthy undertone. The other flavours were Strawberry Citrus and Blackberry Lime. Blackberry Lime is my new flavour – I’ve never had it before. I’ll have to make limade with this combination!


We also got to try macarons. They have a variety of flavours, but my favorite is their peanut butter-jelly macaron, their apple pie macaron and key lime macaron. The peanut butter-jelly is literally like a tiny little PBJ sandwich. The part I don’t enjoy the most out of a real PBJ sandwich is all that bread, but the soft, aerie macaron? I could eat this all day.


Their apple pie, as I mentioned in the video, is subtle. But once you eat more and more of it, the flavour kinda just blooms in your mouth. It’s a wonderful little macaron, and I’m glad it was voted in as a flavour. The key lime macaron is also very delicious, but it’s my go to macaron in every place: Thierry, Faubourg, etc.


I also bought the Paris Singapore Tea, which is cherry blossom and red fruit. I had a tea like this before which had roasted rice and cherry blossom. It was a lot smokier. I love the Paris tea a lot better because it’s fruitier and light. This is perfect iced tea for this season. I’m going to make lots of this over ice and also spiked with sweet, sweet alcohol.

Kenzie and Sarah invited us for the tasting at Bel Cafe. I can’t thank them enough. It’s a lovely decorated space, with a nice little ambiance to read or have a nice pastry or chill with friends. I would come back for sure, especially for their variety of different teas.