Richmond Night Market Food

Have you been to the Richmond Night Market yet? It’s a fun place to hang out with friends – especially on a nice day outside. Be sure to either get there early or late so that you miss most of the crowd. They also offer a “VIP” line where you pay $30 for 15 stamps – the stamps can be used throughout the summer and will admit as many people in your party (up to 15 stamps though, of course).

There are so many staple eats here at the Night Market, here are a couple that we keep gravitating to. These photos were taken by Nathalie!



Chicken Popcorn – its an absolute must – they are situated in the ‘middle’ lane of the night market, it’s a small stand that specializes in it. Every year I must get it and every year, it’s just as tasty.



Next stop – Georgio’s Pinoy BBQ. Since my dad cannot bbq at his place, this is the closest I’ll get to delicious Filipino BBQ. If you haven’t tried Filipino BBQ anywhere – you MUST. It’s just so good.


Since we skipped the huge line and went “VIP” – we beelined for the rotato potato tent. I’m not going to lie, I love it – I don’t think I’d stand in line to wait for one or pay the price for one, but it is a delicious treat.



Mango Slush. Find this tent – we didn’t take a photo of the tent itself but we embarrassingly went back 3 times in one go for it. It’s just SO GOOD. Make it an item on your Night Market To-Do List!


Nathalie was finding for a crepe and we found one in the first lane of food – the Japanese Crepe Sasuke. I love that a lot of the vendors here yell random things, and this tent had one of the funnier catch lines.



Badukanyaki used to be one of my favourite food trucks – I would say it was probably one of the first original food trucks before food trucks became a big deal. It is now owned by a different company and the takoyaki’s are slightly smaller than they used to be, but still enjoyable.





Another must for me is the Taiyaki – I always get the fish shaped red bean cake. I love it. I feel like it’s one of those things you can’t get anywhere else unless you’re at the night market (maybe you can nowadays, but I always save this for my night market run).




I’m sure you’ve passed this Lemon Stand where they serve lemon water, but if you haven’t – it definitely is a nice refreshing beverage. Again, I don’t know if I would personally pay $7 for lemon and water, but if someone else is paying, I’d definitely order it! Josh ordered the limeade, it glowed a mysterious green.


Other than the delicious eats, the Night Market offers a variety of different things for sale – from mops, to rc cars, tshirts and onesies to stationary. Back in MY day, I visited the Night Market to pick up cute stationary I would use for school the next year.

There are also acts on various days and times at the night market…some are a hit…some are a miss. But it’s always in good fun.

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