As many of you know, Cora’s is an East Coast staple. It’s not the fanciest, trendiest place you can go for breakfast or brunch, but it’s a good spot to take your family for delicious and healthy eats. What seems to sell me most is that this isn’t your regular diner dive, as it’s very vibrant and you get a massive serving of fruit.

Uncle George and Tita (that’s Auntie in Tagalog) Corrie strolled over to where I was staying, as they live pretty central. And we walked about a block to the nearest Cora’s. No doubt, there was a lineup out the door. Our waiting time wasn’t so bad, we waited about 25-30 minutes in line.


When we were seated, very similar to my last experience here in Vancouver, we had to wait a while for our server to come around.


I ordered the 1990’s Harvest which is cinnamon brioche dipped in French toast batter served with an egg, bacon and fruit. Pretty standard fare, I really liked the cinnamon brioche as it gave the French toast a nice flavour – I didn’t even have to put maple syrup (gasp!) on it. They were accommodating enough to not add banana to my fruit mix, as I’m banana intolerant.


All in all, our meal was pretty standard in terms of what to expect at a Cora’s – a mountain of fruit!


Service: mini2andahalfforks

Ambiance: mini3forks

Value: mini3andahalfforks


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