One of the best ways to enjoy a vacation is to eat, drink and play where the locals do. And depending on who you ask – more specifically, the age bracket – it seems there are a handful of coffee shops that stand out as the best cup of beans you can get in the city.

During my time at Taste of Toronto FAM tour, I met Melissa of Taste & Travel Magazine and she recommended we try Jimmy’s Coffee in the middle of a tour we were on.


What is it specifically about their coffee that makes them unique is beyond my knowledge -but I think it might be the entire package that is Jimmy’s Coffee that appeals. That is – the small, local coffee joint that everyone will gladly line up for, have a sit outside with their friends and dogs. Or maybe it’s the exclusive back patio that you wouldn’t come to expect from a coffee shop?


The quirky attitude of signs posted near the till where they won’t serve you if you’re on your phone is refreshing and definitely not something you’d see at a big chain.


The coffee itself is fantastic, well roasted and their mochas are a nice balance of flavour without being too sweet. If you’re looking for a nice coffee shop to check out while you’re in the neighbourhood, make sure to give Jimmy’s Coffee a try.

Food/Drinks: mini4andahalfforks

Service: mini4forks

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OVERALL: 4forks


For more info, check out their website.

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