You can’t fault Kitsilano for housing the most healthiest of establishments – it’s part of the lifestyle in that area. With that being said, it’s essential to balance all the indulgent eating with healthy eats too. Most people are easily put off by the word ‘healthy’, but just because something it deemed healthy doesn’t mean it has no taste to it.


We are in a golden era of healthy foods where for the most part, it actually tastes really good. There is so much creativity and so many ingredients to play with, we are pretty lucky to be living in this time.


Which brings me to a recent experience with Tractor Foods. Their mission is “to offer fresh, tasty food that is also healthy”.

Tractor Foods is set up more so cafeteria style which is very refreshing and also kind of fun because you can see what your food looks like before you order it.

There are so many great items to choose from and it was a difficult decision – I went with the kale and raddichio salad ($3.25 – with borlotti beans, toasted pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, asiago cheese and creamy lemon dressing) and the wild mushroom pasta salad ($3.25 with truffled ricotta cheese, fresh herbs), a butternut squash soup ($6) and some house made lemonade ($3).


Overall, the flavours of each salad was good without being too overpowering. The flavours are well balanced and there is so much selection, there is definitely something for everyone here. Between the two, I preferred the kale salad more. However in terms of being full, I would pick the pasta over the kale if I wanted a heavier meal.

The butternut squash soup is nice and light, I feel like there is some apple in it but I might be wrong. Butternut squash soup is one of my favourite types of soup and it’s cool to see how other people prepare it.


Their lemonade is served in a nice, big glass and it is so refreshing! You have to give it a try.

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OVERALL: 4forks

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