Our first meal in Toronto consisted of a ‘quick bite’ from Victor Restaurant, located in Le Germain, a boutique hotel we were staying at during the course of Taste of Toronto. You may recognize Chef David Chrystian, the Executive Chef and co-owner of Victor as a Top Chef Canada finalist and one of his signature desserts – foie gras ice cream sandwich (which, by the way they no longer make at the restaurant).

Starting August 23, Victor will offer brunch, and we were lucky enough to have a taste of the new menu:


Poached Eggs and Meatball Gratin (tomato sauce, crisp bacon and pecorino cheese) – a nice dish.

Lobster Poutine (cheese curds, Hollandaise) – poutine is definitely very popular here on the East Coast, it would only make sense they’d serve it with another East Coast staple – lobster. No picture taken unfortunately!


Tourtiere with HV sauce, wild arugula and fried onion salad. Tourtiere is usually served during Christmas in Quebec – it’s repurposed here for brunch. It could hit a lot of heart strings for people who are craving a familiar home cooked dish and an interesting item to choose for someone who’s never experienced it before. Tourtiere reminded me a lot of an empanada almost – but made with a heavier crust.

We then moved onto two mains.


The first is the Richmond Hill, Highway Seven and Bathurst – a nod to notable neighbourhoods in Toronto. It’s a sushi pizza made with tuna sashimi, fried sticky rice, pickled vegetables, hot mustard, miso butter, shiso, roasted garlic oil. Presentation wise, very nice, minimal with pops of colour throughout the dish. Interesting texture as you take a bite of a pizza slice – crispy rice then cool tuna. The flavours are more highlighted when you mix the hot mustard and pickled vegetable a top the pizza.



Our next dish is the “Masa ball” soup – a playful take on Mexican and Jewish flavours. Think Matzo ball soup made with Tortilla soup elements. This was definitely one of my favourite dishes of the evening. I liked the mix of flavours and the creativity.


We ended our tasting with Grasshopper Popsicle. And before you heave on your keyboard, it’s White Chocolate and Mint Semifredo. It was so good, I polished it off in a couple bites! Very refreshing for my first meal in Toronto during my FAM trip. All in all, I really appreciate and admire Chef David’s imaginative take on his menu – Toronto is such a diverse city and it rings true through Chef David’s cuisine.

Check out their website here.

Please note my meal was paid for by the restaurant, but all opinions are my own.

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