Gyoza Bar + Ramen is finally open! I recently attended their media event to check out the space and try a couple of the items on the menu.


Gyoza Bar is owned and operated by the same folks that brought us Miku and Minami. Which means the same passion and dedication is going into Gyoza’s cuisine. It is evident with Chef Matsuoka’s development of the broth (which is not made with MSG) and the noodles and gyozas made in house. You can even watch them make them at the back of the restaurant through a window. Besides the gyozas and ramen, you’ll find an assortment of tapas inspired by West Coast style.


Similar to Miku, they have a lunch box – Gyoza Bar Zen, Ramen + Steam Bun, Umami Lunch Duo which is priced under $20. I’m looking forward to checking this place out very soon!


Check out their website and menu here.

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