Kensington Market, Toronto

They aren’t kidding when they call Kensington Market the most diverse and vibrant neighbourhood in Toronto. On the last Sunday of every month, Kensington Market holds Pedestrian Sundays in which the area is blocked off to cars for the entire day.


Kensington Market’s roots come from the predominantly Jewish neighbourhood where families would set up stands in front of their homes to sell goods to one another. Now, Kensington has grown to encompass all walks of life!


There are musicians playing in the street, wares being sold and food – so much food. While I found many Spanish cuisine booths, there are also so many different fusions happening! There is the Hungary Thai which fuses Hungarian food with Thai food, RastaPasta which fuses Jamaican food with Italian. The list goes on. This is one of the things I love about Toronto – is that it is so incredibly diverse in terms of food and flavour.


There was a small spice shop where my Uncle shops for cooking at home, and an Italian restaurant that was recommended for a great Neapolitan styled pizza.

Definitely give this area a try, even if it’s not during Pedestrian Sundays, lots of great eats!

For more information on the market, check out their website here.

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