Lucky enough for me, Brian and I have never had to wait too long to be seated at Kishimoto on Commercial Drive. Kishimoto is definitely one of my favourite places for Japanese food – mostly because their plating is beautiful and they have a big selection of Japanese food. Their fish is also very fresh compared to a lot of other places in the area.

I’ve written about this place before but I wanted to do a quick revisit post to let you know that the quality has definitely stayed the same!


This time we had assorted sashimi – which was the freshest you can get! All nicely done on a slab of ice.


An okonomoyaki – which is a giant Japanese pancake-like dish. Extremely filling, but I wanted to try out some of their cooked food. It was definitely worth the extra 15 minute wait for it – I didn’t take an action shot but inside is a helpful portion of whatever protein you decide to go with – we went with prawn and I was super surprised they put as much as they did.


And of course, how could we not order one of their Oshi Sushi – especially my favourite type the Sockeye Salmon served with creamy sauce and jalapeño. Still as delicious as the first time my tastebuds came in contact with it!

The service too is so quick and everyone is so friendly, it’s hard to find any weak points to this place.

Food: mini5forks

Service: mini4andahalfforks

Value: mini4forks

Ambiance: mini4forks

OVERALL: 4andahalfforks