As much as I enjoy my fine dining experiences, I absolutely love finding great hole in the walls. However, I can’t take credit on ‘finding’ this place, as Brian had been here before and recommended that I try it out. The place I speak of is Turkish Donair on Hastings near Gilmore. The owner is super friendly and he puts together a damn good donair.

I was kind of curious about the difference between a shawarma, donair and gyro was, so like any normal person, I did a Google search. Ultimately, the difference is where the wrap originates from. Donairs are from Turkey (go figure with the name) – it came across to us in the early 70s. If anyone has any more interesting insight about donairs or shawarmas/gyro, please feel free to leave a comment below!


Back to the review. I ordered the Lebanese Chicken donair (sm- $4.49) and Brian ordered the Regular lamb donair (large – $5.49).


My donair was filled with lots of sliced chicken, some of it was crispy but for the most part soft and mostly white meat. I felt the small was perfect for me as it was quite filling.


Brian ordered the lamb donair – he enjoyed it and thought it wasn’t too gamey in taste but very savoury. He thought the large was perfect for him.

After we had ordered and we went to sit down, we got to chat with the owner about Charlie Chaplin (as it was playing in the background). It was a great experience and I’d definitely come back if I’m craving a donair!

Food: mini4forks


Value: mini5forks

Ambiance: mini3forks

OVERALL: 4forks

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